Unified Communications

(VoIP Service)

Features Support 24/7, No Contract (month to month), Voicemail to Email, Caller ID, Caller Name, Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist, Voicemail, Music on Hold, Call Parking & Pickup, Call Queuing, Message Waiting Indicator, BLF Status Updates, Call Logging, Call Forward on Busy or No Answer, Call Routing by DID Number, Ring Extension & Mobile Simultaneously, Mobile Softphone (Android and Apple), Desktop Computer Softphone, Intercom/ Paging, Blind & Attended Call Transfer, Chat, Web Conferencing.   Billing Plans work on 2 items, number of simultaneous calls that need to take place at a given moment and the number of minutes for outbound calls that are needed within a month.  There are other options as unlimited calls for 1 extension, but this typically is not needed   Simultaneous Calls When an individual is using the phone (internal & external) it counts as a call.  The more calls made at the same time the more Simultaneous Calls are being used.  Here are a few examples:
  • A call from one internal phone to another internal phone = 1 Simultaneous Call
  • A single call from internal phone to external phone = 1 Simultaneous Call
  • A single call to the voice mail system = 1 Simultaneous Call
  • A single call on hold = 1 Simultaneous Call
  • A single call forwarded from the system to a cell phone = 2 Simultaneous Calls
  • A single call to a conference = 1 Simultaneous Call
  • If your company received two calls, and someone was checking their voice mail = 3 Simultaneous Calls.
  Setup All setup and support are all included in new deployments.  Certain phone models are fully supported with the system. If new phones are needed, order thru Southgate Tech direct.  If needed, an SBC is included and can be placed at the main office.   Example Packages
Business 4 Business 8 Business 16 Business 32
Simultaneous Calls 4 8 16 32
Local Minute Package 2500 6000 10000 20000
Standard Local DID 3 7 15 25
Enhanced Local DID with e911 1 1 1 1
Toll Free DID (Pay per min) 1 1 1 1
Simultaneous Call Package $145 $195 $345 $545
Local Minute Package $50 $100 $150 $250
Monthly (plus taxes) $195 $295 $495 $795
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