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Managed Services Shaped
For Your Business

Those who own or manage a small or medium business understand that getting the most from their resources is vital. You might not always be able to hire an expert for every role in your daily operations. Rather, one specialist might sometimes have to perform the duties of other positions.

With Southgate Tech Managed Services, you have the complete information technology functions you need at set costs without the extra overhead of hiring a specialist and even a supporting staff. We design and provide your managed services according to your business size and designated number of employees or stations required.

We also monitor your IT's applications and equipment around the clock, including crucial data storage, backup and security. With full IT support including predictable pricing and broader capabilities, your business can remove IT tasks from other positions and free them to focus on their core specializations.

Our managed services can include onsite or remote working solutions according to what is best for your business.

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Managed Services for What's Top of Mind

Business owners and managers want to:

  • make the best use of their time and personnel
  • minimize operational disruptions
  • consistently serve their customers
  • spend their money wisely
  • intelligently grow the business

Southgate Tech Managed Services:

  • Resolve gaps in skills. You gain highly specialized IT support that allows you to pursue service, growth and innovation. You optimize time and personnel by delegating routine tasks such as data backup, software patches and system health checks to a reliable resource that takes them off your operational plate.
  • Lower costs. Southgate Tech Managed Services help you reduce expenses for IT staff, training, software and equipment. Your cost also becomes a fixed, foreseeable item in your accounting.
  • Reinforces consistency. Data breaches and unexpected downtime can be devastating to a business. With Southgate Tech, your valuable information and tech functions remain steady and secure with our dedicated monitoring. You benefit from invisible, seamless system management and receive updates concerning only what you need to know.

You can concentrate on your business with peace of mind because your Southgate Tech Managed Services utilize enterprise-grade software to help protect your computers, manage your systems and train different users — all for a fraction of standard IT costs.

Managed Services with a Consultative Partner

Your managed IT services start with a review meeting. Together we'll discuss the nature and size of your business as well as the technology that will maintain and help grow your operations

This is how we learn exactly who you are, what you need and how we can design and implement your IT support. In some cases, we might even determine that your ideal system might differ from or require less than what you'd thought. This up-front review helps to shape and ensure the best IT results and performance for your business.

Next, we'll continue with a detailed summary of the managed services for achieving what our meeting together revealed. Once you approve your IT goals and expectations, we'll proceed with your onboarding process, which includes the discovery, updating and, if needed, removal of your existing hardware and software systems.

With your managed services fully up and running, you'll continue to benefit from our consultative relationship. In addition to checking in with you regularly, we will support you with:

  • Ongoing strategic planning including disaster recovery
  • Proactive guidance for increasing productivity
  • Vigilant system protection & monitoring
  • Management of hardware & software vendors

Your Southgate Tech Managed Services have no long-term contract. Any package you choose will include unlimited remote IT support. Because your IT costs are set and predictable, what you sign up for is what you will receive and expect until you request an adjustment or need tech support beyond what's in your package.

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Your business can achieve more with less cost and greater efficiency. To further discuss the ideal managed IT services for your operation, contact us at 331.212.4600.

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