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About Southgate Tech, Inc.

Inspired by Desire to Serve Small & Medium Businesses

Rick Heuerman
President and owner

What is now Southgate Tech began as the early burgeoning passion of Owner and President Rick Heuerman.

When Rick was young, his father worked in construction and often let Rick work with him and become familiar with different equipment. During his freshman year of high school, Rick also developed an interest in programming software and later began a job writing custom software for a construction company while still a student.

Amid his college studies, Rick started a new position with a company specializing in construction software and automation. His new role included IT help-desk support for construction companies, as well as involvement with custom software, automation, network design and wireless p2p systems. He refined his skills in web software, programmable logic controllers (PLC), infrastructure wiring and server build-outs as well.

As his experience further developed over years, Rick began to notice how many small and medium businesses struggled from a lack of proper IT support. That recognition inspired the desire to offer premium services that relieved business leadership of IT concerns and the need to add tech responsibilities to other positions. In addition, the support would be more affordable than having full-time in-house resources.

With a complete understanding of the IT behind successfully running a business, Rick founded Southgate Tech in 2015. Today, he continues to provide expert help-desk assistance to many different industries, including construction. He also has expanded Southgate's support suite to include VoIP service, backup and managed services.

To learn even more about Southgate Tech's professional background and capabilities, contact us today at 331.212.4600.

Southgate Tech, Inc.

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