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Custom Web Software
For Your Specific Business Solutions

If your business uses off-the-shelf web software for operations, there's a chance it's helping you stay thorough and organized. There's an equal chance the software does not have narrowly defined requirements for specific users. Vital information and procedures might be unmanaged. A vital component you need might be missing.

Southgate Tech designs, develops and helps you maintain custom software solutions according to your business's exact requirements, functions and users. For example, applications requiring greater refinement might be invoicing, accounting, inventorying or equipment maintenance. Perhaps you need custom web software to enhance your sales objectives and customer relationship management.

Whether for an industry such as heavy construction, trucking, manufacturing or healthcare, the software we can write for you fits the functions you need for efficient data management that an off-the-shelf program cannot fulfil.

Custom web software can be developed for a vast range of applications, such as:

  • healthcare-equipment inspection auditing
  • checklist for heavy-equipment maintenance
  • portals for storing and retrieving reported data
  • tracking costs of trucking runs
  • ordering system for warehouse fulfillment

Custom Software Solutions Led by Consultation

Just as important as creating your custom web software is having the proper aim for what you really need. Southgate Tech serves as your adviser in guiding you to the correct custom software solution.

We start with a consultation meeting in which we further define the challenge or goal you might be trying to achieve on your own. By listening to your objectives and asking the right targeted questions, we learn what you're truly seeking from your software.

In some cases, your custom software solution might even be different from what you first thought it would be. In other instances, we might together determine that custom web software is not the ideal solution for what you need. What matters is arriving at the proper route for moving your business forward. This initial profiling helps ensure you achieve the best outcome and the optimal use of your resources.

Truly Singular Custom Web Software

With Southgate Tech custom web software, one size never fits all. Rather, the solution is one that you own. Because it is yours, you can scale and modify the software as you choose when you choose, something you often cannot do with off-the-shelf programs.

In addition, where retail programs may become outdated and require new versions or installs, your custom web software won't expire. You can simply adjust functions or components along the way.

Southgate Tech custom software solutions also can easily integrate with any existing programs. For example, perhaps you need an enhanced function for the automation of daily tasks, and your current software does not include it.

Your custom web software further can be hosted on either your servers or ours — whichever is best for you.

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Your business has its own personnel, objectives, procedures and approach to serving its customers. To further discuss custom web software for your mission to be even more efficient as you grow, contact us at 331.212.4600.

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