Helping you find the right Tech Solutions.

Southgate Tech specializes in meeting technology needs for small to mid-sized businesses. Our consult services range from a one time meeting to regular weekly schedules. We are flexible and modify our services to fit your business needs. We write custom web-based software that is customized to fit your business needs. Call us today to discuss any needs that you might have 331.212.4600.

Backups for PC, Server & Apple

Afraid if your computer dies you will lose everything? Get Southgate Tech's Backup. It is designed for servers, pcs, macs, doing full system backups and file backups. Local and to the cloud. Contact us today for more information.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications - VoIP phone service, video conferencing, desk phone, mobile, web browser.

Website Design and Custom Software

We offer website design services which cover basic brochure websites advertising your business, to fully customized software solutions that are web based for your Intranet or Extranet.

Mobile Devices

We can integrate mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers into your networks allowing you to work effectively locally or remotely keeping in touch wherever you are.

Health checks

Southgate Tech, provides complete system health checks on your IT and Network Infrastructure to ensure any potential problems can be resolved before they can impact on your business.

Remote Working Solutions

We can help deploy efficient, cost effective and secure remote working solutions to allow your employees to be productive and access the resources of the offices no matter where they may be.

Disaster Recovery

We can work with you to take steps to plan for the worst so that in the unlikely event it happens you are fully prepared and we are able to restore your network in as little time as possible.

Network Support & Consultancy

We will support all your networking needs from planning; installing new infrastructure, monitoring performance, implementing security policies and installing and managing hardware firewalls.

Windows Server Support

Southgate Tech can support all your server needs from setting up new users, resolving issues before they impact your business, monitoring performance and implementing group policies.

Help-desk Support

We're there to help with everyday IT problems from printers not printing to emails not being sent / received. Southgate Tech is always there to support even the smallest IT problems.

24×7 Support

Let’s talk Phone: 331.212.4600 We are available 24/7/365 for Tech support to our customers.

My Equipment Center

Our web-based equipment maintenance system can be utilized by any industry to track scheduled maintenance, inventory and business costs.

Tech Consultants

Consulting on all aspects of technology needs from ISP, phone systems, PC and Server Options to researching new hardware.

Custom Software

Custom web-based software for your intranet, extranet or internet needs.

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